will bukkit and spigot .jars be updated?

  • so minecraft 1.9.2 came out just a while ago. i was pretty surprised. was only expecting 1.9.1. what do you guys think? by the way, anyone know exactly what fixes and changes they made?

    i hope ggservers updates the .jars soon. i need to get my server network on top of the updates for my anticipated release.

  • GGServers

    They already updated the Jars for Vanilla MC so far. You should beable to find all the minecraft bug fixes on the launcher when it’s released
    EDIT: I just saw Jame’s topic about the release of the new jar file for 1.9.2 spigot.

    SIDE NOTE: Didn’t bukkit end? I thought Bukkit was taken down last year and would no longer have any updates. Am I mistaken?

  • @_xXMAXXx @hyekyn
    He is right, as it is announced here: https://forums.ggservers.com/topic/37/spigot-craftbukkit-1-9-2/1 , craftbukkit should be updated.

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