Server offline and tickets ignored.

  • I recently bought the 8GB server and since the upgrade this server has been unresponsive. I have tweeted at them, opened multiple tickets, and no response for three days and still my server is offline and useless to me. There is no support and I feel as if I have thrown my money down the drain.

    Also all of the errors are about not having enough RAM to even start java, so I have to assume this is the result of overselling and without one response from anyone I have become increasingly frustrated. I just want my server usable or at the very least a refund and response.

    I couldn’t even do a trial in LA because they didn’t have even 512mbs of extra space in that location. The more money I give GGservers it seems the more they ignore me and the worse my server runs.

  • Alright, after restarting the server a few ten times I got lucky and the server is functioning again.

    Sorry if I am sounding like a raging brute monster but technical problems and waiting on responses inherently infuriate me.

  • What does your log file say when it boots up? Can you post a paste bin link and I will look into it? I used to help another company run servers for minecraft

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