Panel 100 is down

  • i can’t acess multicraft, because my panel is down, why?!! Shouldn’t gg be able to handle the servers they have? I noticed lots of panels in montreal are also down, is there a blizzard or something? What is the reason that the panel is down?

  • According to what I’ve been told, when panels go down it’s usually due to a hardware issue. The longest I’ve seen a panel down is just over two weeks, however panels are usually up within a few days as they take large periods of time for the panel admins to locate the issue.

    1: If you’re the owner of your server, create a ticket whilst logged in!

    What usually happens is that they will ask for you to reply/contact them back when the panel is back up. This is so that they can compensate for the time your server has been down. However in same cases (like my own) I decided to change panel locations. However you can’t immediately do this as they can’t access your files and run a backup to save your world/server. Unless you want to leave everything and start out fresh - you’re going to have to wait it out until the panel is back up. Only then will you be able to run a backup and move panels, or remain on the same panel. Either way GGServers should compensate for the time you haven’t been able to access your control panel.

    Hope this helps!


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