Users Crashing Server Upon Login

  • Evening Folks,

    I’m about at my wits end here, so I figure I’ll see if anyone has any ideas on how to fix an issue I’m experiencing.

    Background: Server is running 1.9 Craftbukkit, 3GB RAM, and only plugins are Admin Essentials, Cenotaph, Dynamap (which has never worked) PermissionsEx, World Edit, and World Guiard.

    Prior to a few weeks ago, we could have all 5 regular users on at the same time, no issues, no crashes. Then, out of nowhere one day, user D tried to log in, and it crashed the server. Users A, B and C were still able to log back in and play just fine, however every time user D logged in, it would crash. Fast forward 2 days, and suddenly User A is experiencing the same problem. Users B and C can still function normally with no issues, and can even visit the exact places where users A and D were without crashing out. The crash happens even when no one else is on the server.

    The following steps have been taken to troubleshoot:

    • Both Nether and Overworld files have been downloaded and run through “Region Fixer” to see if there were back chunks causing it. Results: No bad chunks.
    • User D (test subject) has uninstalled MC and reinstalled: Results - No change
    • User D’s playerdata has been wiped from the server. Results: User D was able to log back into the server for about 5 minutes. He was relocated to spawn and had no items on him. After 5 minutes, server crashed again.
      -Ticket was issues to GG support, and all they said was “looks like the server got overloaded.”

    So, I come to you. Has anyone experienced this? Anyone have any ideas on what to try?


  • What is your CPU load when you have five players on?

  • @KelvynLinton

    An excellent question which I cannot answer since we don’t have 5 total players able to get onto the system at the same time. Max of 3 since 2 of them have the issue.

  • What is your current CPU load?

    How about removing your players that have had issues from the server entirely? By going through the player list on the control panel and removing them, then restarting the server. Once they join back it should create a new profile/section for them. There are also other plugins that collect player’s data that you may have to go through and remove. You need to delete any trace of the person off the server. I’d go into all plugins playerdata’s (essentials especially) and delete the player data’s.

    I’ve also considered that they haven’t reinstalled Minecraft properly.
    Have they gone through %appdata% and removed the .minecraft folder? (Type in the search on the task bar %appdata% to locate!)

    To remove Minecraft on OSX:

    In the Finder on the Mac, go to [your login name] /Library/Application Support/minecraft/versions/
    Delete the version folder
    Start the launcher -let it download and install the newest version.

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