Panel 122 down for 16+H

  • I brought the server 2 days ago and played less than 5 hours now it has been down for a day.

  • I’m also using the same panel. At this point I have a feeling that they’ll remove the panel however I am unsure what will happen to us clients under that panel.

  • you can open a ticket and ask them to move you.

  • I got a reply saying “Let us know when the panel is up” in response to me asking why the panel was down and if I was able to be moved.

  • This is what I said, “can we get a panel move?” after being in a open ticket for a bit because my panel was down for 3 days. Aaron Briggs was the guy I talk to that moved the server for me, dont know if that helps but yea.

    P.S I think I seen somewhere they where going to move the L.A server because there going down alot.

  • I’ve had a back and forth discussion with the support crew.

    They’ve closed tickets, and I’ve recreated tickets asking if I could be removed.

    The person you got in contact was someone who definitely valued their customer and acted to ensure you got a satisfying solution. As far as I can see, they’ve just asked me to wait - regardless of me wanting to be moved to another panel - or even different location.

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