Panel 96 down for 17+h

  • Panel 96 has been down for about 17h, and it has been down 2 times in the past 6 days… so that gives me a total uptime of 66%…

  • My server is on panel 96 as well. I assumed it might be down for a few hours at most. I hope we don’t reach the 24hr mark. No mention of it even on social media is really making me wonder how important this issue is to them.

  • Yeah this is really making me mad ive been checking every hour or so to see if its up yet they really goodda fix this…

  • Going on 24h soon… yay 57% uptime!!!

  • still down for me too

  • yup and the server status page is down too…

  • I think it’s pretty ridiculous that it’s been down this long. I don’t see why they couldn’t even move the servers to another panel while they repair the problem or even some feedback would be nice.

    There hasn’t even been any acknowledgement that there’s a problem or that they’re working on it. I bought a server 4 days before this crash and it’s seriously getting to the point where the panel will be down longer than I’ve had access to it.

    Seriously considering getting a refund or doing a chargeback on my credit card and switching providers because this is absolutely retarded and terrible customer service. My money would be better spent elsewhere

  • The fact that it’s been down this long without any acknowledgement from them is what really frustrates me. I submitted a ticket as soon as panel 96 went down and asked if moving panels was possible. They replied today saying yes but my data would be wiped upon switching. I can’t even access the ftp server to download my data!

    With being down as well, the entire situation is extremely concerning. Every hour that passes makes me more likely to switch hosts.

  • yup I’m thinking hard about doing a refund or a chargeback, luckily for me i downloaded a backup 4~5h before it went down. but this service and support is just disrespectful. i got my server on the 22nd and now it has a 50% uptime…

  • Alright its finally up so we can all go back to being happy.

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