• I’ve heard that it takes FOREVER to get servers out of pending status, I need to start working on it tonight but its still pending even after hours. I submitted a ticket already, I’d appreciate it if someone could answer.

  • im having the same problem as well i have done a ticket and they will not reply and i really need to work on it

  • Same, I need to get my server up because my players are complaining of lag on my homehosted server.

  • Same here… I have always had a problem with them not responding for days. I might have to switch server hosts soon because this is getting ridiculous.

  • All tickets are responded to within a 24 hour period.
    The higher the priority - the more likely it is to be answered.

    1: Creating new tickets just feeds to the ticket line.

    2: Replying to tickets reset your tickets position on that list.

  • you guys get it fixed cause its been about 20h for me and no answer!

  • @Kequo By responded to do you mean viewed?

    My first ticket to get out of pending took 4 days to respond, and they didn’t take it out of pending (I’ll blame myself on misguiding them). The second one is going on 3 days, but they’ve merged it with the first. I’m patient about it, they’ll get to it sometime, I just wish it wasn’t a week after I bought it.

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