"Connection Denied" error

  • Every time I go into my server I get an error saying “Connection Denied.” I get something like it when I log into Multicraft as well: Can’t connect to daemon (111. connection refused). I’ve put in a ticket, but I don’t know how long that will take to go through.

  • P.S, my server is on panel 121 if that helps.

  • That panel as been going down alot the past few days, as of writing this, it says it is up and fine, came back up 17 hours ago I would go and hit restart then you should be good.

  • @DankFishy I have the same thing but when i click on restart i says “can’t connect to deamon”

  • got the same thing, been waiting 3 days for it, the ticket support system helps with nothing and the staff just don’t seem to care imo

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