Still stuck on pending

  • I have sent 2 tickets, no reply. The “instant setup” has had me pending for a whole day. What do I do?

  • Really the only thing you can do is wait. Unless its like a modpack then you put it in yourself.

  • thanks for reply, guess ill just wait. I payed for it this morning and was hoping to start configuring plugins on my only day off this week :( guess not. When I used server dot pro, it only took an hour. And they instantly reply to my questions. Now its becoming obvious why this site is so cheap. sigh I guess you get what you pay for

  • I can understand where you are coming from but in one of their tweets they said a lot of their workers or mods( not really sure) got affected by hurricane matthew.

  • Oh gosh, now I feel bad for being impatient. If any staff happens to read this, I am sorry for being so bitchy in my tickets. I simply have been trying to set up a server literally all day. cheers

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