Storage space?

  • How much storage space will there be for the Iron plan? My server I’ve hosted locally for awhile is about 8GB in size on the world files alone

    Also, will 3GB be enough for a forge server running about 60 mods?

  • GGServers

    In general there is no storage cap, however we do ask that you are considerate of other users on the panel. If we find you’re hogging ridiculous amounts of storage we’ll try to mitigate the issue.

    As for if it will be enough, it comes down to the size and complexity of the mods. 3GB should be fine but we can never really be certain.

  • As I stated, 8GB was the size of the world on my old, self-hosted server, and that was a year or so of usage. Unfortunately my ISP decided I no longer had the right to use ports on my internet service, so I’m having to outsource.

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