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  • I rented a server and the first few days all is okey, 2 days ago it went offline and I or my friend cant connect to it anymore. Message I get when trying to connect is: Connection refused: no further information

    I opened a Ticket #688015 a few days ago and Aaron from support try to help me, but without any success so far. Since then I didnt hear anything back from GG. Can anyone from staff here look into it? Or does any of you guys have a idea what is going on?

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    What is your panel number it maybe down.

  • I fixed it myself. Needed a restart in multicraft. I cant believe nobody would tell me this from the staff. Its the first time I own a minecraft server. Aaron from Service would told me after opening a ticket, that he is aware of the problem and they will fix it as soon as possible. So i think Its nothing i can do. So i waited for 3 days to get any help without any success. Here to you in GG for leaving a very foul first impression on me.

  • How did you fix it? I have the same problem.

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