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  • I am buying multiple servers at once soon and one of them has a dedicated IP. When I buy these will they have the same IP on different ports? I am trying to run a bungee cord spigot server and before I buy I want to make sure they will have the same IP. I am not getting the setup addon because it is a waste of money if you know how to do it yourself.

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    It doesn’t matter if it has the same Ip or not. Bungee allows all servers to use the same IP, so you could use the dedicated IP server as your hub and connect all your servers to that.

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  • @Austin I’m sorry one last thing just to be sure! If say I purchased 3 servers all of them with a single gigabyte of RAM and one server has a dedicated IP. What other options will I need to choose in order to enable bungee cord to perform its functions. If I am fine the way I am with the configurable options then are there any other things I need to specify to a staff member through a support ticket when I am requesting to activate my dedicated IP?

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    There should be info on how to submit your request in the knowledge base you may look there. I am not familiar with how we set up bungee cord servers I haven’t done much of that yet.

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