Setting up a non mob spawning area.

  • Hi,
    I am new to this whole minecraft thing but I am in need of a customization that I don’t think is a typical minecraft edit.

    I have a large area where we have all built a town. About 400 x 400 blocks. We have made it peaceful but when the kids leave the town they would like to have mobs spawn. Is this possible? what do I need to do, read, learn? Any direction pointing would be helpful. If you already know and would like to be detailed, well, that would be even better ;)
    Thanks Guys.

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    You could use world guard and flag the region so that it doesn’t spawn mobs. There are lots of tutorials for World Guard on youtube.

  • Hi,

    Considering getting the plugin WorldGuard. It’s simple to use.

    I would watch a tutorial on YouTube, but the premise of protecting an area is: left click one corner of the town, then right click the opposite corner of the town.

    Then type, “/region define town”
    (this creates a WorldGuard region)
    Then type, “/region flag mob-spawning deny”
    (this disallows mobs from spawning in this region)

    Other flags that might interest you:
    /region flag pvp deny (no fighting)
    /region flag creeper-explosion deny (no creeper boom)

  • is the town using the towny Plugin

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