I cant connect to my FTP server while using filezilla HELP!

  • Hello! I have a Minecraft PC server hosted from you guys. Its hosted in the USA. Since i invited my friends onto the server we built a big community world for all of us. Since i wanted to download the map and such, i went into settings > backup. There was all of the FTP info. So i downloaded filezilla and put all of it in. It didnt work -_-. It says

    Status: Connecting to ---------…
    Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message…
    Response: 220 Multicraft 2.0.0 FTP server
    Command: USER ---------
    Response: 331 Username ok, send password.
    Command: PASS ************
    Response: 530 Authentication failed.
    Error: Critical error: Could not connect to server

    I dont know why its doing that. I will assure you that all of the information is correct because i literally copied and pasted it off of the website. If some one could help me that would be great. Thanks!

    **Edited - _xXMAXXx - for security reasons.

  • GGServers

    Are you using your multicraft password or your password for the client area?

  • I tried using both. Neither work

  • Send in a ticket to support. they will be able to solve that issue for you.

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