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    We’re happy to unveil our new order selection process for Minecraft plans!

    The new order process is very interactive and will do a much better job of making sure you get the server you want, configured the way that you want.

    Notable new features are the abilities to select both the location and game type of your Minecraft server. Want a server in Los Angeles that runs the latest version of Spigot? No problem!

    The new order selection process also allows for the automatic provisioning of the MySQL database addon as well as the slots change addon - no need to enter in a ticket anymore and wait for your addon to be activated.

    Very soon we’ll be adding features that will allow for your dedicated IPs to be automatically provisioned as well as the ability to create a pretty subdomain that you can use to connect to your server!

    You can check out the plan selector at:

    We’re always interested in hearing your feedback, so let us know what you think.

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