i need help

  • i kniw you can do anything with tickets put i paid for a server with ggservers and they took the money i got a email conforming it and i login to the control pannel and it says server offline and i made a ticket saying my server wont turn on and they reply with i need to prove i have paid so i reply back with the proff and i sent thema email and they have said nothing to me in 2 days i dont know what to do

  • GGServers

    That’s strange, did you submit it to the right team?

  • did you respond multiple times to your own ticket requesting them to help you?

    if you answer that with a YES. then don’t do that. as it will put your ticket back at the end of the queue of being served.
    they work in order of which they receive tickets. answering to your own tickets will put you back at the end of the queue.
    which means its possible they will never see your ticket.

    give them atleast 24 hours time to respond. it might seem a long time, and it is. but dont forget ggservers gets a ton of tickets on a daily basis.

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