• not even 24 hours yet and the panel is down…how are u guys’ panel uptime/downtime?

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    @BlueSilverXIII I hadn’t had to much down time in the three years I’ve been with ggservers…

  • @BlueSilverXIII My server/panel has been down for almost 24 hours now and I haven’t gotten any ticket responses either.

  • NOTE: Replying to your own ticket will put you back in the start of the ticket queue.

    i’m not saying you did that. but if you did, that would be why you didn’t receive a response yet.
    they work as first comes first helped. they work in order.

    as far as downtimes for panels, that stuff happens, “everywhere” every host. you can however request to be moved to a different server or ask politely for a compensation for the downtimes.

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