Over 10 hours and still can't use my host plan.

  • Panel 123 has been constantly crashing. Connecting to Multicraft has been next to impossible, as 123 is mostly down. On the few times that it was up I made a SQL database only for it to be unresponsive thanks to ‘An error occurred during a connection to namysql.ggservers.com. Peer’s Certificate has been revoked. Error code: SEC_ERROR_REVOKED_CERTIFICATE’. Please help as I haven’t been able to connect for any longer than 5 minutes at a time.

  • So far the only ticket responses have been to tell me to not make replies to my tickets otherwise I’d delay the response process. I was hoping that Customer Service wasn’t like this here, after I made several replies to my ticket to Technical Support telling them each time the server was down, that was the only response I received.

    After making no replies to my open ticket to Sales about a refund that ticket was closed in 4hrs with no response from staff, solution, or refund. I’m receiving mixed messages. To open that ticket I was told to reply to it and it would reopen.

    Do I have to keep replying to keep a ticket open or not?

    I can’t be the only one affected by Panel 123 being down for so long, so why is the issue not being resolved?

  • Hello there,

    If you read the entire reply you’ll see that there’s also a second part of the message. Our staff would never just tell you to stop replying to your tickets.

    We’re aware with the issue on 123 and we’re doing our best to solve it ASAP. We have no intention of stalling any repairs and we do not ignore the issues.

    Andi M.

  • There must have been some confusion then as this was the entire messages , and only one, posted to me:

    Hello Michael,
    Our Technical Support Staff answers tickets in the order they are received. When a ticket receives a new reply, it is time stamped with the time of the reply. This time stamp is how our ticket software sorts the tickets. Multiple replies to your ticket will only be time stamped with a more recent time and move it down our queue. This means it will take us longer to get to it. We do beg for all clients to be patient when waiting for replies from our Technical Support Team. We understand that you would like to get your issue resolved ASAP, but sending us multiple messages delays our response times for all customers.

    Please reply to the ticket after you have read the following:

    • All files will be wiped in the process. If you wish to keep them, you must make a backup via FTP to your computer. You may upload this backup to the new server location.
    • Your server IP will change. This is not reversible.

    Aaron B.
    GGServers Technical Support

    GGServers staff will NEVER contact you in game. If anyone joins your server claiming to be a staff member, it is an impersonator. ​

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