MySQL Server vanished?

  • I’ve already contacted the official customer support about this, but as far as what the community support forums, I think there’s still something I can ask about.

    Short version is that I had been paying for a mysql server (one dollar a month) and suddenly that option vanished. In fact, I can’t even find a way to reactivate that option now. I know I had been upgrading the server speed by one step each month so as to try to find a “sweet spot” where I can have a stable server despite the horde of mods/plugins and still have a low price. I might have messed something up there with the interface. Even so, has anyone seen where you can add extra options onto your server, such as having a dedicated mysql server? I’d hate to lose my old server’s info (which contains the entire economic database), but at least I could have something running that way.

    Thanks in advance!

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