this site refuses to log me in

  • I’m using a separate email to post this so don’t bother giving me the “How did you post if you can’t log in?” bs. No matter how many times I enter the correct information I can’t log in and do anything with the server I just purchased. If I can’t log in I might as well get a refund since there’s no use in having something I will never be able to use.

  • I’m getting a refund, this no help from “busy staff” that hasn’t had a post to review in 7 days is not flying. I have a job I have to be at in a couple of hours and I don’t have time to sit around waiting for nonexistent staff to respond.

  • @Tuxedo-Hampster I’m just trying to help.
    Your Multicraft Panel credentials and your Client area login credentials are different things.
    Wich you can’t login?

  • I can sort of log in to the client site but the multicraft site doesn’t accept any of the login info I have, I’ve even tried changing the password for it and it still says it’s wrong.

  • I just tried to log into the multicraft side and it logged me in, not sure what all the refusing to work c**p was about but it seems to be ~fixed~? If this service continues to be self destructive I can’t see myself staying long. If anything changes I will update this thread.

  • @Tuxedo-Hampster hey Tuxedo, your multicraft panel password is different than your client area password.
    Your Multicraft credentials was sent to your email address after the purchase.

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