Trial Is up and we want to start premium but afraid we lost our world?

  • So my buddies and I just started playing minecraft again and we wanted to test things out before we decided to committing to a year membership and next thing you know our 7 days was up and we were all ready to upgrade but we don’t know if we’ve lost our world or not. The launcher that we had when we started the trial is no where to be found anymore so theres know way of making a backup and downloading it or anything so my question is. If we start a premium will me get our world… Or did you guys just royally f**k us after 7 days, with 0 warning or chance to upgrade.

  • @TheDerfinator779

    Please, be polite here its just a forum.

    I believe your world is saved.
    You just need the same panel.

    But as your trial time has ended, before you upgrade, you would go to another panel. That is, other files, another FTP.

    I also recommend you to send a ticket to support and wait. They will solve it all, you can bet on it!

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