Which options do I need for a plugin enabled server with more weapons/tools, voting system and premium account system?

  • Got four questions before I buy a server:

    • Which option do I need for making a server with a voting reward system, premium account with special colors and stuff, and sword/tools plugins (CraftBukkit? Spigot? etc.)?

    • Do I need a SQL database for them?

    • Do I have to set it up manually after buying a server or can you guys do it for a fee?

    • Is the “IP with Port FREE” plan only a number system like for example or like us.mineplex.com:port_number?

    Thank you kindly in advance.

  • @Wulfy hello
    Could be CraftBukkit or Spigot, but I recommend you tu use spigot.
    You can use plugins like “pro votes” with “votifier” to reward your players with /vote
    Premium server(online paid minecraft) its default, so just startup an spigot server.
    SQL database its default too.
    You can buy ggservers services to configure it, or you can configure it by yourself with FTP using a program like “FileZilla”.
    “ip without port” it’s just the number.(without port)
    For exemple: 123.456.789.101
    If you want with letters you need to use an domain website, I also recomennd use with “Godaddy” or “NameCheap”.

    Hope it helps ^~^
    Have a blessed day ♥

    • Ricardo M. Borsato

  • GGServers

    @Wulfy would recommend getting more than 2gb of ram for better performance as minecraft 1.13.2 is more hardware needy.

  • Thank you, this clears it all up!

  • Sorry to bother again @Ricardo-Borsato but can you use the SQL db from the website hosting or do you have to also buy the SQL db from ggservers? Because I also want to make a website for the server.

  • @Wulfy SQL database it’s default. Already in the service.
    But as you want to “link” your server with a website, it is recommended to use mysql database (you can select at the time of purchase)

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