TPS is increadibly low

  • The tps of my carpet mod server is very low usually from 6-15. We killed of many packed entities but it still seems to be very low. Please provide any fixed you may have. I am willing to upgrade or do anything.

  • @Ben-Sattler hey Ben!

    TPS it’s ticks per second. (The Max of minecraft it’s 20)
    It is not directly linked to RAM, but has a relationwith it.

    A good exemple to explain its one of “ammar2” said at spigotmc.

    Imagine you have an alarm which rings every minute. Every time the alarm goes off its a “tick”. Now during each minute you have to do some work. Sometimes this can be simple stuff like picking up books from your desk and placing them on your bed and sometimes it can be very difficult stuff like cleaning your desk completely. Similarly your server has a concept of ticks, and during each tick it does stuff like spawn mobs, load chunks, perform physics checks etc.

    So when you have small amounts of work to do, you can finish it in less than a minute and spend the rest of the time relaxing but when you get too much work and can’t finish it in a minute you need to delay the alarm clock meaning now a tick isn’t once every minute, its taking more than a minute. Similarly your server also relaxes when it finishes in less than its ticking interval and when it can’t finish its work in time it has to extend the tick time too.

    Normally your server ticks 20 times a second, like how you were ticking once a minute.
    When you can’t keep up with your work, you degrade to less than 1 tick per minute, similarly your server degrades to less than 20 ticks per second.

    There are some ways to improve server TPS through and spigot.yml.
    But as you had stated that the server is “modded” was already a problem to be expected.

    Limit the scope of view within the server.
    Decrease the spawn of mobs.
    Use plugins like “Clearlagg” to remove entities from the floor of your server.
    In other cases, increasing server RAM, YES may help.
    These are examples of how you can try to improve TPS.

    If you need more help regarding server TPS, I’m available to help. ^~^
    Hope it helps!

    Have a blessed day ♥

    • Ricardo M. Borsato

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