Minecraft Free Trial Plan Improvements

  • GGServers

    We’ve reworked our free trial plans to give users a better taste of the services we have to offer!

    Free trials now include the following features:

    • 7 day duration instead of 1 day
    • 512 MB RAM instead of 256 MB RAM
    • The option to select game type

    We’ve even enabled the ability to install modpacks, though we do not recommend taking that route as 512 MB RAM is not enough to support many modpacks.

    The features are still limited, FTP access is not included nor are you able to change your game type, you’re stuck with the one you’ve selected when ordering.

    Upgrading to a paid plan unlocks all features and extends the days of your server based on your subscription.

    Check out the new trials at https://ggservers.com.

  • Thanks For The Better Trials! Im Going To Set One Up Right Now, I Will Buy A Server When Ever I Can Also :3

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