Punished for Upgrading?

  • So my server was lagging b*s so I upgraded it and instead of getting to play on the new more expensive server that I bought, I’m greeted to some stupid fucking error message that says it’s still one or whatever. I go back and realize that the server actually is on the old version so I put it back to what it was and guess what. Same error message. So naturally I’m pissed off and I want to know why I can’t play on the server I’M PAYING FOR. I write a ticket because are are no phone numbers to call for some reason and like 2 days later I get a response from a dude. He tells me that in order to play on my server that I’M PAYING FOR, I need to do some bullshit and the word “FTP”. Now I don’t think I’m the worst and technology but this fucking guy makes me feel like I’m actually retarded. What the fk is “FTP” I wonder, so to avoid sounding like a retard, I look it up expecting it to be easy. That didn’t help. I go back to ask the guy what FTP is and he gives me a response that makes me feel more retarded some how. Just because I’m not some elite hacker me and my friends got fucked out of the server THAT I AM STILL PAYING FOR. It is actually infuriating me now. It has been 2 weeks. This entire post is me venting and hoping someone has a solution because the person I am talking to is very unhelpful. I don’t want to be rude to him however I’m sure he’s trying his best. In conclusion, I feel as if I am getting fucked because I wanted to give this site MORE money which is bullshit and the fact that there isn’t one helpful guide or video on this site for what seems to be a common problem makes me think that my money would be better spent on anything else. I could have bought like 15 gumballs with the money I’ve blown on this site.

  • @Ryantjhakio

    “FTP” its all your server files.
    Alright let’s go
    Is there a button on your multicraft page written “FTP” never entered there?

    I saw that you had problems with the version.

    So I’ll give you some knowledge.

    If you want, you can upload yourself a custom Jar file for the version.
    First, stop your server.
    Open your FTP whit a program like "FileZilla"
    Its there a “Jar” folder
    You can download a custom Jar file (for a custom version) here.

    Upload the file to the “Jar” folder.

    alt text

    In your multicraft panel, put the same name.
    Multicraft will search for a file with that name in “Jar” folder. And will execute it.

    Than, Start your server.

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