Server Running Wrong Minevraft Version!!

  • I just bought a new server, and it is stuck on 1.11. I wan it to be 1.13, but I cant even find out how to change a world file! Please show me how to do this because this is just rediculous

  • @ScubaHero hey Scuba!

    First stop your server.

    You can upload it ^~^
    Download the version that you want here

    After that, you can upload it from a program like Filezilla, into your “Jar” folder. (inside FTP)

    After that you need re-name the Jar for the same name that is in your Multicraft Panel, Main page of your server.


    In this case, multicraft will search the Jar file (name) in “Jar” folder, so, automatically execute the new/custom Jar file.

    Hope this helps ♥

    ✔️ Have a blessed day =D

    • Ricardo M. Borsato

  • This post is deleted!

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