Forge Minecraft 1.12.2 server missing library files

  • Hey GGservers comunity,

    I feel kinda stupid for asking but how do you set up a forge 1.12.2 minecraft server.

    Ive fallowed this ( server setup instruction but in the end failed to understand how to set it up and got a bunch of errors in console…

    Id love to get my server running asap.

    Thanks for any help!

  • Hey did your panel have forge support?

  • no is that a problem

  • Any updates on this?

  • Well first of all using an ftp client like FileZilla to connect to your server files is necessary. Then if doing a fresh install delete all files. Then you first install the base forge server to your own pc. Run it once till it shuts down due to eula not being true. Edit the eula file to be true. Copy the files to your server files through FileZilla. Then set the jar name in the multicraft settings to the same jar that is in the server files. And set the location for the jar file under advanced settings to be server base directory. Save.That is what I did and how I normally set up my servers when they are modded. Currently if my panel did not have a daemon error it would be up and running. (Not an issue with the install but an issue with the host.) Hope this helps. Though mod conflicts if you are setting up a custom server are always a problem. Normally I just run packs that come with a server download, but you can always add a single mod at a time, then when they don’t work remove the mod that conflicted. You’ll have to either set a new world name or delete the world folder so that it creates a new one once completely done so that all modded terrain, buildings, and resources spawn in the spawn region. But once done it should be “fairly” stable depending on the amount of mods.

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