Failed to bind to port

  • Checked server properties and the ip issued by the server their exactly the same so i don’t understand why the IP is giving me a failed to bind to port

    18.11 16:36:42 [Server] INFO The state engine was in incorrect state POSTINITIALIZATION and forced into state SERVER_STOPPED. Errors may have been discarded.
    18.11 16:36:42 [Server] INFO Holder lookups applied
    18.11 16:36:42 [Server] INFO Applying holder lookups
    18.11 16:36:42 [Server] WARN Can’t revert to frozen GameData state without freezing first.
    18.11 16:36:42 [Server] WARN Perhaps a server is already running on that port?
    18.11 16:36:42 [Server] WARN The exception was: Address already in use 18.11 16:36:42 [Server] WARN **** FAILED TO BIND TO PORT!

  • @Eldritch this might be a error in the panel.
    Or 2 servers running on the same ip
    You can send a ticket to the support requesting a change of panel and others

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