Server Pending

  • I found a article thing that says sometimes when you purchase the server it just says pending and that is happening for me. I bought my server about 3 hours ago and it still just says pending and I haven’t gotten any word back from support yet.

  • @PickleHeadJr
    Good afternoon,

    this is quite normal. I had to wait up to 10 hours for them to setup my server, so please have patience. Once they are done setting it up, you’ll get an email titled “Your Minecraft Server is Ready!” (that is, if you are doing a minecraft server). Then, the pending will no longer be there.

    Best of luck,
    Austin Vandiver

  • @PickleHeadJr
    The time may also vary according to the payment method.
    In my case I bought by PayPal and received at the same time.

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