How to connect to MySQL

  • Good afternoon,

    I am currently having problems opening my connection to the MySQL database inside my plugin. I am able to get my plugin to connect on my LAN to a MySQL on my LAN, but it seems to not work on my server at GGSERVERS.

    Here’s is how my configuration is setup in my plugin:
    host = “localhost”;
    port = 3306;
    database = “taken out”; (taken out for security reasons)
    username = “taken out”; (taken out for security reasons)
    password = “taken out”; (taken out for security reasons)

    I know my database name is the same as my username, that is what it is configured as of right now. My password is found under the MySQL portal to phpadmin, and is entered correctly. Where I think the problem might lie is the host = “localhost”, perhaps MySQL server is not run on the same operating system as my minecraft server?

    Does anyone have any information on how I can fix this?

  • @ProSl3nderMan
    You have MYSQL in your plan?
    When you are going to bought, you need pick if you want a mysql addon

  • @Ricardo-Borsato Yes, I already got the addon and I have been able to access it through the phpmyadmin as well. As I said, I know my credentials and everything.

    What I don’t know is what ip I’m suppose to use. Is it my server IP I use for my host, or maybe GGServer’s ip? I have no idea, I was hoping maybe someone who’s used MySQL with GGServers could share how they found out which IP the hoster is hosting MySQL on so I can properly configure AND connect to the MySQL through my plugin.

    Thank you for replying,
    Austin Vandiver

  • For anyone who searches for this problem, do note that the server ip (or server host) is
    DM me or post here if you have any problems with your MySQL, I might be able to help.

    Austin Vandiver

  • @ProSl3nderMan Hello Austin
    Sorry, I dont have MYSQL in my server, so i dont know a lot about
    My apologies for not being able to help :(
    But I’m happy you solved!

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