Scheduled tasks

  • when i try setting up a new scheduled task it doesn’t show the task when its scheduled to even after it doesn’t show. This scheduled tasks thing worked once for me and then stopped working

  • @patrik-hansen

    Did you create a period?
    An interval for it to run at every “X” of time?

    I do not know if it can be useful
    But that this docs would help you.

  • i did create an interval

  • @patrik-hansen
    I use scheduled tasks a lot in my server.
    There is my tasks options

    - - - - -

    alt text

    - - - - -

    Can you send me your?

  • 0_1541778397065_Multicraft - Scheduled Tasks – Google Chrome 09-11-2018 16_46_07.png

  • @patrik-hansen Could you share a screenshot of how your discord command looks like inside the task? For an example, here’s a screenshot of how my restart command looks like inside my task:

    Edit, if someone was to copy my configuration, do note that my interval time is every 15 minutes for my restart. This is not ideal for those who don’t want to kick their players off every 15 minutes.

    Austin Vandiver

  • 0_1541941521632_Multicraft - View Task – Google Chrome 11-11-2018 14_04_59.png

  • @patrik-hansen
    It looks like you missed the setup.
    You left the command to run in “none” …

    To set up you must first create a command on the multicraft “commands” page.

    Then you put a name “NAME any” and click to save …
    (remember that you do not need to put the / slash (because the command will run on the console))

    When you are creating a Scheduled task you do not need to put anything in “arguments”.

    In the “command” option, which you have marked “none”, you must select the command you saved … “NAME any” …
    And when you click save, the “Scheduled task” will create a “task” with the command “NAME any”

  • i dont get it what about the 3 other boxes

  • @patrik-hansen in your multicraft you have a button
    "commands", you click
    And you go to “create a comand”, you create a comand.
    And after, you go to “Scheduled Tasks”

  • what after that?

  • @patrik-hansen

    For Exemple, Lets create a Simple task whit a broadcast command

    -> First, we need create a command.


    -> Creatinga a Command

    alt text

    -> Configuration

    alt text

    -> Now we need create a Task

    alt text

    -> New Task
    alt text

    Now just put the “command” of the first part

    alt text

    =D Your task was configured! =D
    -> If you want, you can set a interval.

    This is how I always set up my tasks and they work normally

  • okay thank you what does the interval do

  • @patrik-hansen

    In the Option “interval” you can set this comand to execute in a especific interval of time.
    For exemple, I check it and configured to 5 minutes.
    So this command/task will execute each 5 minutes

  • okay ty it works

    Case closed

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