Can't log in to cancel payment (not using Paypal)

  • Thanks for your time.

    I need to cancel the billing but I am unable to log into my client. I tried resetting the password, but there’s no reset email ( and no confirmation on my purchase either). I think this is because I might have typed in the wrong email when registering. I really need to cancel this and support has not gotten back to me. Is there any way to reach them (besides email)? I used debit by the way (never again). This company has horrible support.


  • sorry i know nothing about this i just only started using it and im not a support team maybe try contacting one who know more then i do

  • @popposs

    Have you lost your login credentials?
    You can request cancellation in an easy way.

    To be honest the best way to buy a service that I highly recommend is PayPal.

    If this payment is in automatic mode, and you have bought using card, I believe it is in him that you cancel a recurring payment.

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