Server Crashing on Startup

  • Just bought me server and got into the multicraft client, but the server crashes every time it tries to launch. It’s giving an error about not having enough memory to run. Im trying to run vanilla minecraft currently so no mods yet. I tried restarting the server several times, and deleting the server files, but i always get the same error again and again. The server is creating a ton of error logs as it constantly tries to restart and crash.

    I copied one the error logs here:

    PS. I am going to submit a support ticket, but figured I would post here too

  • @netsuad
    hey can you Look your advanced settings of your multicraft?
    See “Look for jars in”

    alt text

    Try to select “Server JAR direcroty”.
    Than, turn on your server

  • Thats the setting it was already on, tried changing off that and back too it, still same error

  • @netsuad if you want, you can try to send a ticket requesting a penel change.
    If you to that, ggservers will put you in other better panel, than you can try.
    Because your error Could be of the panel.

  • @Ricardo-Borsato Already sent in a ticket, thanks for trying to help though. If whatever they try at first to help me doesnt work ill mention the panel thing if they dont. Thanks again

  • @netsuad do not worry.
    I will be always here. ♥
    If you want you can count on me 😉

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