Montreal MC server down for 2 days

  • Hey! I’ve been using GGSERVERS’ hosting services for a few days now, but 2 days ago my server shut down completely and now I can’t access it or the FLP… I’m guessing that’s because Multicraft is down?
    I sent a ticket as fast as possible and while I understand that it’s pretty recent, it doesn’t seem normal that a ticket for an issue as severe as this one hasn’t been looked at yet…
    I’d be satisfied if I was at least given a time approximation for when the server would be back up, but I haven’t received anything at all…

    I hope we can figure this out!

  • @Boaring if you want you can request a panel change.
    But you need a backup.
    Of your server files dont worry. Normaly when ggservers panels back, the files has not deleted.

    Any other help im here to help
    Sorry for my bad inglesh ahahah =P

    ~ Rafric

  • @Ricardo-Borsato I’m not scared of losing my files, I’m annoyed because the server has been down for three days now and the staff isn’t even acknowledging it

  • @Boaring if you want you can request a panel change :/
    But you will lose your files.
    I’ve been to panels that go offline once a week. But I’m on a panel that has not get offline a long time.

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