How to roll back server to an earlier date?

  • Long story short:

    Mods weren’t on the server for about a month, and some random connected and blew everything up with TNT. Not happy. Lost about 6 months of work.

    Is there any way to roll back the server to an earlier date, or am I screwed?

  • @Daniel-Smith
    Did you have a backup of the server?
    External, or not…?

  • If you have backups then yes, do you have a daily auto backup set (in which case you only have 3 days saved) or were your backups manual and from before the event?

    If you have a (“world” being replaced by your server name) then you can use the backup section to restore your worlds. Although bear in mind that the multicraft backup system does NOT backup your plugins folders etc. Only the worlds (overworld, end, nether).

    If you have saved a copy of the backup file using FTP then copy it back to the server and use the restore function in the multicraft panel.

    Going forward (as my ex boss used to say) you can set an automatic backup in Advanced\Scheduled Tasks, add a new task, make it a daily backup.

    This will create upto 3 backup files of your worlds, once the 3rd file is there it will start to overwrite the oldest when it makes the 4th (and so on).

    So if you want to maintain daily backups then you need to download them using FTP on a regular basis. This can be automated using:

    If you are actively changing your permissions etc. on a regular basis then I’d suggest backup up the whole server folder including the plugins - this can get quite large.

    Although I have not investigated how to deal with the naming convention yet, that’s on my list to do once I get a fileserver setup for this.

    See for a better description of this.

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